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Samar is a Kuwait-born Palestinian-American speaker, journalist, and educator. She has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East and has lived in Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and America.


Samar Dahmash-Jarrah professional accomplishments include being a contributor to CNN World Report; news editor and reporter for Jordan Television; editor and reporter for Jordan Weekly; and a Political Science instructor at the University of South Florida in Tampa.


After the World Trade Center tragedy of September 11th, 2001, Dahmash-Jarrah, an American citizen, was asked by many community organizations, churches, temples, and peace groups to speak about the Arab world. These events and the Iraq War served as the inspiration for Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts, a first step in fostering direct dialogue between Americans and Arabs. Topics of past discussions involve international relations, media, Islam, and culture.

My Books

Between East and West

A book by Samar Dahmash Jarrah describing her life between the United States of American and the Mi...
$ 15

Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts

In the aftermath of the tragedy of 9/11, journalist, teacher, and peace advocate Samar Jarrah found...
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Monday In America

"The real America is not the big cities you hear about in the news or you see it in movies, but it'...
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Here are some resources that will help you understand the situation in  Palestine:   Decolonize Palestine (https://decolonizepalestine.com/)   Decolonize Palestine is an independent, self-funded project founded by two Palestinians living in Ramallah. The research and writing for the articles on their website include introductory information about Palestine, to Myth busters, to reading lists. This artistic website will be ...

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You are on American airwaves? This is what Arabs ask me when I tell them I co-host a live radio show in the USA. “They allow you to talk abou...

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